Instagram shuts down API access for “Being”


Being, an iPhone app that enables users to see what Instagram looks like through the eyes of another user, launched only eight days ago. Now it appears to be banned by Instagram.

The landing page of

According to “The Verge” Being had gained over 40 million user since its release and was also on Apples “featured Apps” page on the App Store. The App allows you to see the Instagram feeds of other people, but it only worked with public accounts – for example of the accounts of celebrities.

“Each time you follow someone on Instagram or subscribe to a channel on YouTube, you are telling the world, ‘I am down with this.’ Your social media feed is like an art gallery you’ve personally curated,” said Being founder Adam Mashaal in a Medium post about the creation of the app. “It’s amazing what you can discover about someone by viewing Instagram from their perspective. I learned that Lady Gaga is into muscle cars, that Donald Trump follows only Trump-related companies, and I even momentarily felt like I was part of Taylor Swift’s #girlsquad.”

14hswxgbtlntzcqjpot6a8qBeing also allows you to share in whose accounts you are interested in and also provides ranks as seen on the left picture. Users can search for a specific username or scroll trough categories such as “Pop Stars” or “Presidential candidates”.

Adam Mashaal, the founder of Being want’s to give the users of a new perspective -and experience.

“I performed a small experiment to test this idea. Hanging out with a friend one day, I asked him if I could borrow his phone to check something on Instagram. Phone in hand, I scrolled through his Instagram home feed, photo by photo, just as I would on my own phone. Except this wasn’t my phone and, more importantly, it wasn’t my feed. This was his feed, his friends, his brands, his experience. What I found was that I was getting a rare, unfiltered glimpse of his tastes and interests through the guise of an Instagram feed. His feed was unique and colorful and, best of all, it was different. I saw that he follows famous athletes and nature photographers, and even Nicki Minaj (no judgement). In the moments that followed, we talked and joked about who he follows, and discussed the feeds that we have in common. With so many apps out there aimed at eliminating the filters and connecting people authentically, this was by far the most authentic connection I’ve experienced.”

It seems like Instagram blocked the API access for “Being” but they haven’t confirmed yet wether this was intentional.



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