Newsflash: WhatsApp now with end-to-end-decryption

Since the last week WhatsApp automatically encrypts the users messages with end-to-end Encryption. End-to-end-decryption? End-to-end encryption  is a system of communication where only the people communicating can read the messages. Nobody, not even the company  WhatsApp itself can read your messages.

The nicest botnet I’ve ever met

“Bugat,”  “Cridex” or “Dridex” is a botnet with intent to defraud, damaging computers, wire fraud and bank fraud, it distributes malware as macro inside harmless .word-files attached to phinshing e-mails. Losses caused by “Dridex” in Europe and the US are estimated in the tens of millions of Euro. But suddenly “Dridex” started to spread clean versions of…

Droneboarding – a new trend?

Drones are cool and as the “hoverboards” many of them were on wish lists Cristmas 2015. But what to do with a drone in the winter? Using sensitive electrical devices in a snowy landscape doesn’t seem like a good idea, does it…?

Appendix to “Future Mobility”

Two days ago on January 20, 2016 the “Consumer Product safety commision” of the United States published a statement concerning “hoverboards”.

Future Mobility?

There has been a big debate about the future mobility and this debate will continue due to the advance in the development of self-driving cars. Small, one-person boards called “Hoveboards” show us how the future should not look like…

Encryption in 2016

The debate over encryption, which has become the bedrock of the internet used by almost every transmission that needs to be secure and increasingly those that don’t, will be a big debate in 2016, too!

Alternative Renderer for Blender(Update)

Today I didnt work much on my project because I didnt had to do much more. I finally got the Image preview working! But just for single-frame-rendering. If you want to try it out yourself you can now find the source code on github: ! If you have any suggestions how to improve it or…

Alternative Renderer for Blender(Update)

Unfortunatly I couldnt work much on my project today. Anyway I did some of the stuff I talked about yesterday and optimized a bit. But I dont want to bore you with tihs stuff so I made a video showing the Renderer in Action. (Image preview still not working)